The Long Neck Kayan People

This youtube video gives a clear picture of the Kayan People of Burma/Thailand.

Recently I traveled from Isaan, where I live in the northeast part of Thailand near the Laos border,to Chiang Mai in the northern section of the country. This was an 11 hour drive and while visiting, decided to go to Pai. Pai is a small tourist town, known for its party atmosphere, a haven for young travelers, If you are looking to party Pai is a good place for that.I decided to take a day trip to Mae Hong Son Province, about 3 hours away near the Burma/Myanmar border. The village I visited is called Huai Seau Tao and is situated very close to the Burmese border. Read More…

Pai Thailand

The mountain road to Pai

Having lived in Thailand now for over a year I’ve finally taken the time to go to Pai. This is a very popular resort/party town in the northwest area of Thailand near the Myanmar border high in the mountains. Tourists come from all over the world to Thailand and if they go to Chiang Mai, then chances are they will hear of Pai and make the trip if they have time. It’s only 3 hours away from Chiang Mai Read More…

Guesthouse Chiang Mai, Thailand

P1120698 Here is what you see when you arrive on Soi 6

Someone is present to take calls, make reservations and handle the daily business from 7 to 7. There also is someone to schedule tours, trekking and to assist you with any transportation needs you might have, plus everyone speaks English and other languages. This guesthouse is one of the many in Chiang Mai. I have stayed at probably two dozen in Thailand and maybe 6 in Chiang Mai in the past year.,
Read More…

Tribal Museum Chiangmai, Thailand

Tribal Museum
The official name for the Tribal Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand is the Northern Ethnicity Learning Center. His Majesties, the King and the Queen of Thailand have addressed, with assistance, certain areas of need in Thailand. They formed the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and through the years have personally involved themselves and other members of the Royal family; in this case, developing policies and implementing activities for the benefit of the Hill Tribe People. The Tribal Museum was established for the advantage of hill tribe people, in a way providing assistance for their social development through education and hill tribe welfare. Read More…

Ajarn Nun Phakdee – Solar Power Thailand

The youtube video above shows Ajarn Nun Phakdee teaching about solar power in Thai and English.

Looking for a way to power a water pump and supply electricity, where there is no power in this remote area of Thailand, the choice was simple; solar power. Never having the chance to have solar power because the cost was prohibitive, Thailand has made the impossible possible. The entire system, excluding the water pump itself is costing less than $3,000 U.S.! Thinking of no electric or water bill turns me on, I will be happy thanks to Ajarn Nun.

Ajarn Nun teaching this group of volunteers solar power instillation.

Ajarn Nun Phakdee is well known in Thailand as the foremost expert in affordable solar power. He’s not the person sitting in a class room teaching from a text book, but travels to different locations designing, creating, building and installing solar systems throughout Thailand. Ajarn Nun doesn’t have a regular crew he pays, but teaches people interested in learning about solar power hands on.  As people learn by doing he has created a massive following, trained to install and maintain their own system. As he travels to different locations to install solar systems he posts where he will be and different people he has helped show up to give him a hand as volunteers, all continuing to learn as he directs the installation, each person learning more all the time. He seems to delegate the work as if he were a symphony conductor, at ease with everyone. Ajarn Nun speaks some English and has a good personality which makes everything happen smoothly.

Ajarn Nun ready to power the new lighting system he just installed.

The experience of learning and being part of his operation is truly rewarding. What a blessing to have met and learned from such a teacher as Ajarn Nun. He can be found on YouTube and on Face Book, search for Phakdee Nun.



Harvesting Bananas

Harvesting Bananas  There is a 10 second video attached at the beginning of the sentence, but takes two minutes to load; click Harvesting bananas to view.
The adventure of living in Thailand continues. I had the good fortune to have harvested this bunch of Gloy Nam Wah bananas today. This variety is  best health wise, of the ten or so varieties grown here. This banana tree on the property where I live is along the road and  had some bananas barely ripe enough to cut, but as anywhere else I got them before someone else did, now the wait for them to ripen. These are small bananas sometimes referred to as finger bananas. I thought you might enjoy seeing how this is done, before this trip to Thailand my only experience in getting bananas was a trip to the grocery store.
This is me with the bananas. My first banana harvesting is a success!


.These bananas took about 2 weeks to ripen and were delicious

In the photo below you will see the purple flower from the banana plant which is used as an embellishment to a dish and eaten raw. It is cut into long thin pieces and placed on the dish, the purple part isn’t eaten. If the bananas aren’t harvested for a while after they are ripe the purple “outer shell” falls to the ground.
P1080903The purple banana flower. The bananas along the side of the purple flower are about 80 cents to a dollar US.








Young Bird Conservation Club


Young Bird Conservaton Club

 Photo by Vichai Napuo

Deep in the heart of the area called Isaan, in North East Thailand there is a man on a mission. His name is Vichai Napuo, to draw and photograph birds is his passion. He has a place he calls Young Bird Conservation Club.

Young Bird

Vichai’s storage room at the school

Essentially this is a free school for children to come and get to know birds; what they sound and look like, photographing, drawing, painting and developing a love for them.

Vichai teaching

Vichai teaching

Here is a group of students with Vichai teaching

Vichai guides students to open their minds and explore birds in his local habitat, a rice paddy where he lives and teaches.


One of his out buildings where parents can wait for their children

He silk screens and hand paints T-shirts with great looking birds on them and paints murals with birds of Thailand.


The club house can be found near Chaiyaphum, in a village named Baan Thamafaiwan. Vichai would love to talk birds with you, he speaks some English and welcomes visitors.

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